Saturday, December 25, 2010


While clearing my wardrobe, i came to realize that i actually have a lot of clothes that i no longer wear. Some of them are too big (not that i slim down but apparently i tend to buy baggy clothes back then) or just out of fashion. After clearing off those that i force myself to throw away, i realize that i still have quite a bit of clothes, but i remembered before i embarked on my shopping trip during the past week, i felt that i'm running out of clothes to wear, so why is it that my wardrobe is still so filled?

This led me to think of our excessive economy, where it is not enough to have enough. People need to have more and more, probably the best if one could just wear each item once. Maybe i should bear this in mind when i go shopping for clothes again next time, but i doubt i will shop any lesser lol.

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