Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goal for these few months

I have decided to start doing some routines just to make my life more structured and organized. Firstly, after my ippt i should starting doing a bit more gym and running to keep myself fit and healthy. Secondly, after finishing all my assignments in NIE, i should start preparing my resources before the school starts so as to have an easier time when i start teaching. Lastly, save more money to plan for vacation and buy new clothes.

Hmm.... seems like my goals have always been there, i just need to really start implementing them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moody on a slack Tuesday

I could almost believe that I might be too moody when I am free during a period of time when I have things to do. On moody days, I hate being asked to do things, just needed time to be on my own just to avoid negative feelings that could affect my emotions.

On a moody day, one could realize that the world works in mysterious ways, like how karma transferred from one event to another. So on this day, I experienced that empathy is not about thinking you know how the other person feel, but more like you experienced what the other person is feeling.

So today, I remembered that sometimes it's not about the daily performances that you put up, but it is always the extraordinary isolated performances that made people remember. I must bear that in mind, that being average is not good enough, one must shine once in a while.