Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Birthday Prezzie

I don't usually get birthday presents, but this year got 2 presents!

My first Fred Perry from Morgan, thanks for giving something that i don't bear to buy. I know you do not have a lot of spare cash, so i really appreciate your gift :)

A 2011 diary from D&D (Dyon and Duncan). Really thank you both for the gift, wanted to get one diary for the new year but luckily i did not lol. Great knowing Duncan this year and thanks Dyon for introducing. Hope both of you have a great year ahead.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The last 10 years

Last night, while attending the Jubilee celebration of Jurong scouts, in the midst of walk through the gallery of memories, i was thinking to myself, what was i doing for the past 10 years since i have graduated from Jurong Sec.

Out of these 10 years, 2 years i spent in JJC, 2 years 2 months in army, 4 years in NUS and 1 year in NIE, rest of the time probably slacking or working while waiting for the next phase to happen. But outside of these commitments, i was wondering if i have wasted my 10 years on things that does not matter now. During the earlier years of this decade, i think that i was spending my time going back for scouts and playing dark age of camelot. While i do enjoyed the time spent going back to scout, i do not know if i have actually contribute anything to the troop, or merely made it worse. Thus, not really time well spent.

I kind of cut down my time spent on scouting after i entered army. Towards the end of my second years, a major world phenomenon happened; World of Warcraft was released. I spent a total of almost 5 years on the game, from really hardcore gamer to casual, and back to hardcore again. Started guild with fellow friends, watched it failed and disbanded, join another guild and slowly fade away. I only stopped playing the game probably early 2009, ironically when i was using WoW for my fyp. I still remembered when i finally cancelled my subscription and stop playing WoW, the first few days or weeks was quite scary. For the first time in my life, i finally realize the effects of over-gaming. I felt that i have wasted time playing something that basically yield nothing. While there are the social benefits in playing online game, after quitting the game, everything disappeared with the subscription. 5 years of time spent on earning something that is virtual and with no real skills gained.

Concluding the decade, somehow i actually wished that i have live a different life that seek to discover myself more rather than spending time on these less useful stuff. While i will not be who i am without all my experiences, perhaps i would not have felt that i have wasted my youth away. So i wondered, if i can really make good use of my time for the next 10 years? Only time will tell, when i think back a decade later.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Life, efforts and pains

Recently, a few things occur in my life that made me think that life requires a lot of efforts and full of pain. Firstly, passed my quarter of a century birthday, my metabolism rate finally caught up with me. I can no longer anyhow eat like in the past without gaining some weight. Worse, human has to be designed in a way that how you lose weight differs from how you gain weight, which made staying slim tedious.

Secondly, to stay healthy and keep fit through gym requires really a lot of effort and motivation. You need to be motivated to hit the gym whenever you can, not to mention that in the beginning it is painful for the muscle during conditioning. I am not really a sporty person, therefore motivation aside, i get really bored going to gym alone.

Thirdly, my wisdom tooth finally caught up with me this year. I extracted two wisdom teeth on one side earlier this month, and the after effect isn't too pleasant. Pain aside after the surgery, now there is a hole at the back which kind of accumulates a lot of food, therefore i need to be more thorough with my cleaning. This made me think how our mouth is one of the source of problem and pain. Apart from eating the wrong thing, i remembered that our teeth are quite burdensome, especially in primary school where the baby teeth are replaced with the stronger and more permanent teeth.

Lastly, life is a cruel world. There are lots of things that can hurt you, but the good thing is there are plenty of other things that make your world sweet. For those out there who are facing pains in their life, hopefully the new year will be a better one.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


While clearing my wardrobe, i came to realize that i actually have a lot of clothes that i no longer wear. Some of them are too big (not that i slim down but apparently i tend to buy baggy clothes back then) or just out of fashion. After clearing off those that i force myself to throw away, i realize that i still have quite a bit of clothes, but i remembered before i embarked on my shopping trip during the past week, i felt that i'm running out of clothes to wear, so why is it that my wardrobe is still so filled?

This led me to think of our excessive economy, where it is not enough to have enough. People need to have more and more, probably the best if one could just wear each item once. Maybe i should bear this in mind when i go shopping for clothes again next time, but i doubt i will shop any lesser lol.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you color blind?

An interesting notion that was use in Petronas advertisement which talks about different racial group.

I cannot help but notice that Singapore racial lines are getting blurred; Chinese now includes PRCs and Malaysian Chinese. Kind of made me think that Singapore is no longer just a multi-racial society, it just something more different and unique. Is it a good thing? I have no idea.

But i'm always curious how other countries with population like Singapore such as Finland and New Zealand managed to staff their economy with just locals, while some sectors like service and construction sectors have to rely on foreign workers. Someone once told me that it is because these countries have minimum wages, therefore people are willing to do these jobs. Maybe, but i'm not entirely convinced. Maybe it is just the stigma that we have created for ourselves over the years. Quite a heavy topic for an early morning eh....

My ringtone 1

My favourite song at the moment and also my ringtone :)

My Mood

It has been a period of ups and downs. My mood is almost like a bipolar person; swinging from euphoria to really just want to sleep to stop feeling this way. There is so much things that i want to say, but feel that no one is interested to listen. It is just a pity that i have to live life like that, but i guess do whatever to make you sleep at night.

Yesterday met Dyon in orchard and see him sell the Christmas hat for charity, seriously tough work. But congrats for hitting gold lol. And Alvin, you look damn nerdy in your executive wear and your black glasses.

My muscles are aching like hell from the two days of gyming and 1 day of swimming. I should keep up the pace and continue to swim tomorrow, as not to waste my money :p

Another rant for the day: Why the hell does Singapore sells winter wear when it is so freaking hot?! I can't even stop sweating by wearing little, confirm must get some emperor's new clothes material liao.