Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost the end of semester

In a 2.4km run, i would normally use up all my energy to try to pass my running during the last lap of the run. However, in my daily life apparently this is not the case. Towards the end of my semester, and i am feeling so lazy and tired to complete my very last assignment. Only 2 days left for me to finish my assignment, i'm sure i have to continue to do soon. But i'm already in holiday mood after completing both my micro-teachings, well it is really holiday soon, like in another 3 days.

The end of semester also spells the end of my GESL event, flea market at Simei Care Centre. Was a tiring but fun day :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

About you now

It's a weird feeling, feels like something gone but yet still there. It represents something of the past that you never dream of forever gone. Maybe it is karma, or it's my own undoing. I guess everyone will experience this at least once, maybe after this time i will learn how to deal with such emotions better.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Droid blogging

It's my first time using my motorola milestone to blog and obviously it is not as easy as blotting from my desktop. I'm at someone care centre, waiting for my fellow gesl members to turn up as we are heading to bring back 125 cartons of newater. Just finished my maths micro teaching, and I am quite glad that my mood has not affected my micro teaching.

Talks over the phone for 2 hours plus last night just to convince myself that the relationship should end. No point fighting a two person battle alone. I just hope my mind and heart is set this time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Never Told You

A New Start

I wanted a new start and probably needed a new start. I have not been blogging much on my blogspot, and decided to start anew on a new platform.

These few weeks have been full of unanswered questions and worries. I finally got my answers, although the answers were bad and left me disappointed and detached from reality. My semester is ending and holidays coming, but it is really a bad time to begin all my troubles. Maybe it's karma, or it's fate, but i guess what started easy might end easily. No matter how much effort I've tried, it will never be enough to someone who has already determine things are ending.

Maybe I overstepped or I over-estimated, or maybe it is just a game that efforts are less emphasized and focus more on skills. I do not know what the future holds, but I just hope that my phasing back and forth between realities will start to end. There is a saying that when a door is closed for you, God will open another door for you. I hoped that the door is not totally closed, nor am I sure that I want new doors to open. I just hope that the rainy days will be over soon and holiday will be more endurable. Else, practicum is going to be a chore.

I know time will heal all wounds, but it does not implies that there would be no scar.... Started with this, and shall end with this....