Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Mood

It has been a period of ups and downs. My mood is almost like a bipolar person; swinging from euphoria to really just want to sleep to stop feeling this way. There is so much things that i want to say, but feel that no one is interested to listen. It is just a pity that i have to live life like that, but i guess do whatever to make you sleep at night.

Yesterday met Dyon in orchard and see him sell the Christmas hat for charity, seriously tough work. But congrats for hitting gold lol. And Alvin, you look damn nerdy in your executive wear and your black glasses.

My muscles are aching like hell from the two days of gyming and 1 day of swimming. I should keep up the pace and continue to swim tomorrow, as not to waste my money :p

Another rant for the day: Why the hell does Singapore sells winter wear when it is so freaking hot?! I can't even stop sweating by wearing little, confirm must get some emperor's new clothes material liao.

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