Monday, December 27, 2010

Life, efforts and pains

Recently, a few things occur in my life that made me think that life requires a lot of efforts and full of pain. Firstly, passed my quarter of a century birthday, my metabolism rate finally caught up with me. I can no longer anyhow eat like in the past without gaining some weight. Worse, human has to be designed in a way that how you lose weight differs from how you gain weight, which made staying slim tedious.

Secondly, to stay healthy and keep fit through gym requires really a lot of effort and motivation. You need to be motivated to hit the gym whenever you can, not to mention that in the beginning it is painful for the muscle during conditioning. I am not really a sporty person, therefore motivation aside, i get really bored going to gym alone.

Thirdly, my wisdom tooth finally caught up with me this year. I extracted two wisdom teeth on one side earlier this month, and the after effect isn't too pleasant. Pain aside after the surgery, now there is a hole at the back which kind of accumulates a lot of food, therefore i need to be more thorough with my cleaning. This made me think how our mouth is one of the source of problem and pain. Apart from eating the wrong thing, i remembered that our teeth are quite burdensome, especially in primary school where the baby teeth are replaced with the stronger and more permanent teeth.

Lastly, life is a cruel world. There are lots of things that can hurt you, but the good thing is there are plenty of other things that make your world sweet. For those out there who are facing pains in their life, hopefully the new year will be a better one.

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